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Hi, I'm Dog, play monster hunter

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watch me swooce right in


Im really liking this new league champion tbh

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Gnar, the Missing Link

Make the Gnaruto skin and yes

Aigis is a gem

Aigis is a gem

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ten whoel bats

I give this ask

ten bats outta ten

the same thing happened to me, i couldn't chew (even when my teeth didn't hurt) for a week or so. i think your body just has to get used to the extra stuff on your teeth

I guess but like

these braces are just set on my teeth in the fucking weirdest way

oh damn if you just got your brackets put on or you just got a chain, it's gonna hurt for about a week, really. aleve helps though!!

That pains already passed by like yesterday

im saying i literally cannot chew because the brace somehow stops me from closing my mouth fully